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OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE: We are providing NEW shoes (With The Help Of Your Generous Donations) to all those in need - families, children, veterans…anyone who can not afford to have a pair of shoes to live, play or work. Help us to provide for those who need us.

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We Are Changing Lives One Step At A Time

Shoes For All facilitates the purchase of new shoes and distributes them to those in desperate need of foot wear. Our goal Is simple: We are providing brand new shoes to all those in need - families, children, veterans…anyone who can not afford to have a pair of shoes to live, play or work.

In September of 2010, Dr. Mary Carlson began her first shoe drive at a local street fair. The tremendous community support and experience proved that there was an overwhelming need for this type of outreach service. This convinced Dr. Carlson that too many people had new shoes in their closet but just never wore. From here she knew she wanted to be the catalyst to those who had and give to those less fortunate in her community. It was from this response that Shoes for All (SFA) was founded, which is a Non-Profit organization.

What makes SFA so different?

This organization is based on the belief that there are families- mothers, fathers and children - who have tremendous financial problems right here in the United States. We are a simple non-profit that guarantees that the shoes you donate will be worn by someone who is in need of this basic necessity, shoes.

Currently we are based in Long Island, New York and have donated to seven local organizations which include: Dress for Success, Interfaith Nutritional Network, St. Aidan's Parish Social Ministry, Lutheran Social Services, TLC 911, and the Aids Center of Queens County. With your help SFA will be able to serve even more outreach programs.

Why donate?

This mission would not be possible without financial support and volunteers within our community. These donations defer the cost of shoe distribution, transportation, storage and most importantly the cleaning and disinfection of each pair of shoes.

Volunteers are also vital in helping us with this process. Without volunteer support there is no way we can set forth this program.

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SFA is a 501(c)(3) org.

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